Behzad Mirzaei Yeganeh
sustainable landscape Behzad Mirzaei Yeganeh

Objectives, Principles and Solutions for sustainable landscape: Case Study of “The Center for Sustainable Landscapes” (CSL)


Determining the principles of sustainable landscape design and providing practical solutions based on the framework of these principles are required actions to promote sustainability in the human-built landscapes and environments. In this research, we first discuss the interaction of macro-level and micro-level goals for a sustainable landscape. Then, sustainable landscape design methods, principles, and dimensions are discussed. Landscape scholars point to aesthetic aspects, experiences, and ethics in a sustainable landscape in addition to the environmental, economic, and social foundations of sustainable development. In the sequel, some practical strategies of the sustainable landscape are mentioned and categorized based on the scientific basis of sustainable landscapes. The results obtained in the field of theoretical dimensions and practical solutions for a sustainable landscape context have been measured in the case study of “the Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens,” which has been introduced as a successful sustainable landscape project. By examining the various dimensions of sustainability in this successful project, it is inferred that various practical solutions for all of these dimensions have been foreseen to be able to play a role in this regard. As a result, a sustainable landscape has multi-dimensional foundations that should consider them in the stage of setting goals and providing practical solutions to design more sustainable and efficient landscapes.

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