Behzad Mirzaei Yeganeh
Isfahan Garde City

Cityscape Design and Utilization of Socio-Cultural Ecosystem Services in Iranian Garden City.

Investigating in the Relationship between cityscape design and Utilization of Socio-Cultural Ecosystem Services in Iranian Garden City

Mehdi Haghighat Bin
Behzad Mirzaei Yeganeh

Abstract: A significant amount of socio-cultural services of urban ecosystems emerge in parks, as part of urban open spaces. In this article at first, the goals and functions of urban parks have been studied, and secondly, their role in ensuring the physical and mental health of citizens and also the goals of landscape architecture in contemporary parks have been investigated to increase the use of the ecosystem services. The field method and questions from the elites have been used for data collection. Ecosystem socio-cultural services are prioritized based on their importance in the design of urban parks.
In the following, the Iranian Garden City has introduced and explained the usage of ecosystem services in it. Different types of gardens and open spaces in Garden City have been evaluated in terms of socio-cultural services of the ecosystem through questions from elites. Then, Isfahan has been studied in detail by using historical sources and documents in the Safavid era.
The results of this article which have been done by the descriptive-analytical method show how socio-cultural services of the ecosystem in Iranian Garden City increased by using open and semi-open urban spaces and inventing Tajir as a factor enhancing physical and visual permeability in the cityscape.
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